Blackbody(dark matter) and it’s truth

This is to inform everyone that there are four4 blackbody on this planet.

The oldest is preserved in Padmnabh swami temple India.

Second and third one is preserved in South East temples of India.

Fourth one is preserved in Madina.

The main thing is that these blackbodies are not able to control itself so the fact is that who controls the blackbodies ie Humans.

Four man is controlling the blackboddies and in present time they are misusing the powers of blackbodies.

Except blackbodies there are many other supernatural elements preserved on this planet.

There are 15 persons on this planet who are controlling the supernatural elements.

Ac to time one of them was dead because of disability of his body.

Because of that one element is showing misbehaving with nature because it’s free and some wrong person is controlling that element.

In future these humans will lost their controls over these supernatural elements then who will control these elements?

Scientists are searching these elements inside laboratory but these are condensed matter and according to vaccume theory or absent matter theory these elements can not found inside particle.



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