Living organisms and it’s mechanism

There are two possibilities in this living universe.
First is living organism and
Second is the mechanism to control the living organisms.

So the living organisms are us ie humans,animals, birds,fish,insects,
Bacteria, viruses,tree,plants, etc.
And the mechanism who controls the shape ,size,and age
Are the universe and solar system.
It means every living organisms has a replicate mechanism.

So if there are two possibilities ,
Living organisms and it’s mechanism
Then surely there will be a invisible force working with both possibilities.
According to that invisible force organisms are born and developed.
But the universe and solar system is changing always so the change affects
The mechanical force of living organisms and nature.
When mechanism completes its time then the force also lost it’s ability to control
The living the organisms also lost it’s ability to live and age completes.

Now the question is when a living organisms dies then why its able to produce same living organisms while solar system is always changing and universe is finding it’s stability.
The answer is earth and solar system.
Earth is spherical but its not, because of it’s mechanism if it is sperical it can not control the Living organisms,so the tendency of earth mechanism is always trying to reach to it’s complete
Oval behavior.and because of that the mechanism always has ability to control the living organisms.

In science era we can easily see that earth is not has some structure on it’s surface.
According to my research if we deeply search the structure of earth we can easily see the living organisms replicate structure on Earth.
I have some pictures of Google Earth that can easily explain that the Earth structure is made with living organisms replicate mechanism.


So if there is a living organisms it has some possibilities
.Living organism and its presence.
.it’s replicate structure on Earth
.it’s mechanism in universe
.and it’s mechanical force.

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