Our coordinate system is dark matter

Our quantum coordinate is controlled by strings coordinate system connected with T and relative with electron with size of the universe.

Strings came out as a helix of matrix as a friction when T is rotating.

Our coordinate system is dark matter.
Size of the dark matter particle= size of the black body= size of the universe.
It means a point for center and a dark black body of dark matter particle and vaccume.
So electron is relative with size of the vaccume with time.

Singularity shape 1 inverted and divided in two living shapes 0&1.
Both are conscious.(before bigbang)
Then multiplication of two conscious shape 0&1 by invert action is big bang.
Earth ,sun ,moon,solar system and living organisms and nature born.
And for infinite Future singularity is must.

“Size of the dark matter particle=size of the dark matter body = size of the universe.”

“Size of the singularity = size of a human”

“Size of the dark matter particle = size of the singularity”

“So shape of the singularity 1 is a human shape.”


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